How does it work?
Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group offers a unique opportunity to homeschoolers, allowing students to enroll in highly specialized and exciting classes, while not breaking the bank for families.  By partnering with Oxford Virtual Academy, our group presents the option to enroll as either a part-time or full-time OVA student.  With this enrollment, classes are funded and paid for by OVA. Full time students take core classes online and receive 2 funded elective classes, while part time students receive 4 funded non-core, elective classes. Enrollment for out of district students is easy and done through school of choice waivers.For families who prefer to not enroll with OVA, the same quality onsite classes are offered on a self pay basis (please see following rates) and with a $20 family registration. 
Please Note: Part time students can receive (4) funded elective classes each semester. Full-time students receive (2) electives. Students wishing to take more than the (4) funded elective classes for part time, or (2) classes for full time, may choose to self-pay for additional classes.  Any part time student taking more than 4 classes with WOWHG, or any full time student taking more than 2 classes,  will be charged a rate of $100 per additional elective class, plus any registration or supply fees, for additional onsite classes; offsite classes will NOT be discounted for any reason.  
Part time OVA students MUST take at least (2) classes with WOWHG to register. Any offsite class registration also requires the registration for at least (1) onsite class for full time students, and (2) onsite classes for part time students.   OFFSITE CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO (2) PER STUDENT, NO EXCEPTIONS! 
Self-pay costs (without OVA enrollment) are as follows:
  • Onsite classes: $175 per class, plus any registration or supply fees
  • Offsite classes: $250 per class, plus any registration fees
  • Core Classes: Math, Social Studies, Science, or ELA through our hybrid program is $350 per class, plus all curriculum
  • Annual registration fee of $20 per family
We are NOT accepting mid year enrollment for our hybrid program, but have a very limited amount of space in our electives. Enrollment and registration is first come, first served :)

Ready to become part of Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group? Just follow these steps:

1. Research your options! Will you be a funded Oxford Virtual Academy student or a self pay student? 

          Questions on how OVA works? Click here

          Questions on how WOWHG works? Contact the director, Melissa Redmond :)

2. Explore the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

3. Choose your classes.  Remember that full time OVA students receive 2 funded electives, while part time students receive 4 funded electives. Additional classes may be added on a self pay basis (see above). Self pay students are not limited in number of classes, but, please note OFFSITE CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO (2) PER STUDENT, NO EXCEPTIONS! 


4. Register with WOWHG.

5. Complete all WOWHG required paperwork.

6. New students to OVA: 

***Access to the online pre-enrollment site will not be open until December 1st. We recommend uploading prior to coming in for the in-person appointment, to be sure we have everything.​***


Enroll with OVA by completing pre-enrollment, found here.    Then, submit required documentation, listed here, and make appointment to finalize enrollment. 

7. You are done! Emails will be sent with schedules, questions, and orientation dates. We look forward to meeting you! 


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