How does it work and what are my options?
  • Part Time or elective only enrollment with Oxford Virtual Academy- Students are enrolled with Oxford Virtual Academy may register for 4 funded courses; any of our elective courses, onsite or offsite, are open for this option. All courses consist of a mandatory online course (OVA Haiku course) and optional learning lab, which go hand in hand for optimal learning. Part time students are not required to participate in any state testing or assessment, such as the MSTEP, NWEA, PSAT, or SAT. Additionally, OVA course grades are not transcripted or shared.  However, as an OVA student, participation in the PSAT 9/10, and the SAT is available if families are interested. High School part time students may also take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities. Students may choose college classes as their funded elective choice(s), but must still register for at least (1) OVA partnership or online course. To remain a WOW student, part time students must register for least (2) WOW courses.  Example: A high school student choosing to register with WOW enrolls in (2) Mott Community College courses. They must then choose (2) WOW courses, one of which would be self pay at the rates listed in the self pay section below. To learn more about part time/homeschooled dual enrollment opportunities with OVA, click here or contact Mark Suckley at
  • OVA Hybrid Students are enrolled as full time OVA students and receive 4 funded core course (Math, English, Science, Social Studies), as well as 2 elective courses. All courses consist of a mandatory online course (OVA Haiku or Obuzz course) and support lab (WOW class time), which go hand in hand for optimal learning. For core subjects, lab experts instruct on Tuesdays from 8:45a- 2:55p, in increments of 1 hour, 20 min per course. An additional hour of math instruction is also given on Thursdays, and an additional hour of ELA 6, 7, and 8 will also be included on Thursday for the 2020/2021 school year. Elective choices may include any WOW elective course. As full time OVA students, the MSTEP, PSAT, and NWEA assessments ARE required, and are either done onsite, or offered at home (NWEA only). Exceptions to this are the SAT, which must be done in Oxford, and any test requiring accommodations, which must be done at the OVA lab. Students will receive curriculum (books, workbooks, and online), and will be offered the opportunity to check out an OVA laptop or Chromebook; any non consumable materials and computers must be returned at the conclusion of the school year. OVA does provide a transcript for full time students; K-8 students are recorded on a mastered/non mastered system, while our high school students receive letter grades and HS credit for all courses. *This is a hybrid program and requires extreme parental involvement, both in instruction and monitoring! Please be sure this is a good fit for you prior to registration- parents will be required to keep track of student progress, grade math work, and check the submission of work, as well as hold the responsibility of instruction at home, monitoring online progress, and monitoring grade books. We are sharing the responsibility of educating your child, as well as providing guidance and support.*
  • OVA Full time online or Seated Oxford students with electives onlyAny Oxford or OVA student is welcome to register with WOW for electives. Again, all courses consist of a mandatory online course (OVA Haiku course) and learning lab, which go hand in hand for optimal learning. Current OVA/Oxford students will simply complete the WOW registration and contact their mentor teacher or counselor with their choices. In some instances, full time students may register with WOW for core classes as well. Students must first contact their mentor, teacher of record, or counselor to determine eligibility and/or availability. 
  • Self Pay Option: Students are NOT registered with OVA or Oxford, but have the same extraordinary educational opportunities and experiences. Self pay families may choose from both core and elective classes at the prices listed below, and are expected to provide all core curriculum at their own cost. Any additional supply or registration fees listed in the course description will still apply. Upon request, students may have access to our online courses (for optimal learning); access does require participation in all online activities. There is no minimum number of courses for self pay students- they may chose as many or as few as they would like.
  • Onsite classes: $200 per class, plus any registration or supply fees
  • Offsite classes: $250 per class, plus any registration fees
  • Core Classes: Math, Social Studies, Science, or ELA through our hybrid program is $350 per class, plus all curriculum
**Fine print for OVA students** To register with WOW, part time OVA students MUST register for at least (2) WOW courses and WOW hybrid students must register for both electives with WOW.  OFFSITE CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO (2) PER STUDENT, NO EXCEPTIONS!