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Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group provides a unique opportunity for virtual students to attend an optional in-person component as an Optional Learning Experience vendor for OVA virtual coursesWay of Wisdom provides learning labs with highly qualified lab experts to enhance their virtual classes.  There is zero out-of-pocket cost for full-time students to attend our OLE's. 


For families not interested in enrolling with OVA, there is a self-pay option. Families enrolling as strictly self-pay  will still have the same engaging and educational experiences as our other students, but will not be mentored or monitored by OVA, and will pay all costs out- of -pocket. 


Although the structure of our group is similar to many homeschool co-ops, we are NOT a typical co-op!  All lab experts and instructors are hired employees or subcontractors of WOW, with complete LiveScan background checks, and are both skilled and passionate about their specialties.  Although each family is encouraged to stay and visit with other families, most parents do reserve the right to drop off and pick up students for classes, allowing for more scheduling flexibility.  


Our onsite learning lab schedule includes a schedule of different 1-hour courses Tuesdays- Fridays.  We also have offsite lab experiences at both Ascension Genesys Athletic Club, Davison Athletic Club, Judy's School of Dance, and Grand Blanc Gymnastics, and Pivot Point Martial Arts. 

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