What are my options?

Are you interested in homeschooling, but not sure about making the leap?  Are some subjects forcing you to pull your hair out ? Are you a current full time student virtual student looking for a change in your homeschool methods? Or do you just want to try a new, dynamic and unique homeschooling experience?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Way of Wisdom Hybrid program may be for you! Way of Wisdom now has a 2 day a week, full time student experience! This flexible hybrid pathway allows for families to blend homeschooling and traditional education with a combination of in-person, online, and at-home learning.  With the use of classic, parent facilitated coursework, families reap the benefits of bonding and learning together, while also having access to instructors that are experts in their field, as well as supplemental online components to round out their education.


  • Grades K-8

  • Tuition-Free (Requires Enrollment in Oxford Schools)

  • Parent Facilitated

  • Mentor-Teacher Guided

  • Fusion of Schooling at Home, Online, and In-Person

  • Curriculum consists of 36 Weeks Prepared Virtual Lessons, as well as books/workbooks

  •  15 weeks of in person, onsite learning labs

  • Students Receive 4 Core and 2 Elective Courses Per Semester

  • Testing Required (MStep, PSAT)

  • NWEA Assessment

  • Grades (Mastered/Not Mastered) and Transcripts Provided