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Are you interested in an optional learning experience to enhance your OVA virtual core courses? If so, Way of Wisdom Hybrid program may be for you! WOW is available for OVA full-time hybrid students as an in-person component designed to aid in their virtual education. At home, students work on their assignments and virtual course; onsite, WOW learning opportunities provide instructional tutoring, and experiments/projects. There is also the obligation to complete a weekly mentor question, and standardized testing, such as NWEA/ MSTEP/PSAT/SAT with OVA.

The hybrid program utilizes the following online and workbook curriculum:  Math U see, All About Reading (up to level 3), Saxon Grammar and Writing 3-8, Elemental Science, Story of World (5-8), and Pearson Social Studies (K-4). Grades are recorded as Mastered/Not Mastered on OVA transcripts/report cards, with a 65% earning a Mastered grade for DK-5; 6-8th grades are given letter grades. Please contact OVA for more details.


The week for a hybrid student can look different for each family, as there is flexibility for supplemental at-home activities and field trips with any virtual program. 



  • Grades DK-8

  • ZERO hybrid/OLE fees/supply fees for OVA full-time students

  • Mentor-Teacher Guided

  • Curriculum consists of 36 Weeks Prepared Virtual Lessons, as well as books/workbooks

  •  15 weeks of in-person, onsite optional learning labs to enhance the virtual course

  • Students Receive 4 Core and 2 Elective Courses Per Semester

  • Testing Required (MStep, PSAT)

  • NWEA Assessment

  • OVA Grades (Mastered/Not Mastered for K-5, letter grades for 6-8) and OVA Transcripts Provided

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