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In our elective Optional Learning Experience Opportunity, students may chose up to 4 OLE's with WOW, including our WOW offsite classes located at Judy’s School of Dance, Davison Athletic Center, Pivot Point Martial Arts, Grand Blanc Gymnastics,  or Ascension Genesys Health Club. These OLE's provide part-time OVA virtual students an opportunity to enhance their online course with an in-person component. OVA students are required to complete a weekly mentor question, and an online course (14 modules with a weekly assessment), as well as complete the count day activity twice a year (October and February), but are not obligated to attend our WOW optional learning experiences.  Classes meet 14 times each semester, and vary each year. Part-time students are unable to enroll in any hybrid optional learning experiences through OVA. 



  • Grades K-12

  • 14 weeks of in-person optional learning labs

  • Contact OVA for details on enrollment

  • NO mandatory Testing Required (MStep, PSAT)

  • Transcripts NOT Provided

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