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Students K-12 may take up to 5 elective courses with WOW including up to 3 WOW offsite classes located Jumpnastics, Judy’s School of Dance, or Ascension Genesys Health Club. Courses are financially covered by enrolling with Oxford Virtual Academy as a part time homeschool student. In return, students are required to complete a weekly mentor question, and a small online component (14 modules with 4 assessments per semester), as well as complete a count day activity twice a year (October and February). If families would like to enroll in more than 5 WOW classes, a reduced rate is offered for those extras; additional classes are $100 per semester, plus any listed fees.  Classes meet 14 times each semester, and vary each year. Although students are unable to enroll in “core” classes as a part time student, both academic and enrichment classes are offered at WOW. “Academic” examples include Creative Writing 4-12, IEW Writing 4-12, Biology lab 9-12,, Chemistry Lab 9-12, Michigan History 3-12, World History 9-12, Financial Peace 4-12, Government 9-12, and Health 6-12. 



  • Grades DK-12

  • Tuition-Free (Requires Enrollment in Oxford Schools) 

  • 14 weeks of in person learning labs

  • Students receive their choice of 5 electives

  • Reduced rate for additional classes

  • Small online component and mentor communication required weekly

  • Academic and enrichment classes

  • NO mandatory Testing Required (MStep, PSAT)

  • Transcripts NOT Provided

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