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In our elective only, “part- time” homeschool program, students may take up to 5 elective courses with WOW, including our WOW offsite classes located at Judy’s School of Dance, Davison Athletic Center, Pivot Point Martial Arts, Grand Blanc Gymnastics,  or Ascension Genesys Health Club. Courses are financially covered by enrolling with Oxford Virtual Academy as a part time homeschool student. In return for funding, students are required to complete a weekly mentor question, and an online component (14 modules with a weekly assessment), as well as complete the count day activity twice a year (October and February). The only fees that are the families’ responsibility are the mandatory picture/t-shirt fee ($25 per student-which covers a t-shirt and yearbook photo), and any listed fees for selected electives. If families would like to enroll in more than 5 WOW classes, a reduced rate is offered for those extras; additional classes are $100 per semester, plus any listed fees.  Classes meet 14 times each semester, and vary each year. Although students are unable to enroll in “core” classes as a part time student, both academic and enrichment classes are offered at WOW. “Academic” examples include Creative Writing 4-12, IEW Writing 4-12, Michigan History 3-12, Literary Analysis 9-12, Financial Peace 4-12, etc.  



  • Grades DK-12

  • Tuition-Free (Requires Enrollment in Oxford Schools) 

  • 14 weeks of in person learning labs

  • Students receive their choice of 5 electives

  • Reduced rate for additional classes

  • Small online component and mentor communication required weekly

  • Academic and enrichment classes

  • NO mandatory Testing Required (MStep, PSAT)

  • Transcripts NOT Provided

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