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Part time high school students are currently able to enroll in up to 10 dual enrollment courses throughout the course of their high school career. Typically, students will take 1 each semester in their sophomore year, and 2 each semester in both their junior and senior year. However, this is not required, and families may break this up as they deem appropriate for their student. Students MUST also take an “anchor” course with WOW, which can be any WOW elective, either onsite or offsite; any additional WOW courses not covered financially by OVA will receive the reduced rate of $100 per class per semester . More information on DE can be found here DE  You may also contact Amy Greenspan at


  • Grades 9-12

  • OVA will pay the Michigan State allowance. This amount will cover tuition, fees, and, if any funds remain, a portion of your textbooks.

  • Up to 10 college classes from grades 9-12

  • Must have 1 anchor class with WOW

  • Academic and career oriented classes at local colleges are eligible

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