In the past, Way of Wisdom offered the Fusion option for our hybrid program. This option used BookShark as the primary curriculum for our full time program. However, for 2019/2020,  we have decided to move away from BookShark and use some other amazing options! Our program curriculum was developed using the the classical approach to learning, and sticking with a whole school study mentality. This means each grade is studying the same subject matter, only at their level, and meeting the state standards for each grade.  For our K-8 students, we will be using:

*Elemental Science Biology-  This award winning science uses a straightforward approach to science      

  with research, experimentation and note booking activities.

*Story of the World Volume 3 (with grade level standard material added)- This classical world study  

   focuses on ancient history, with projects, discussion questions, research, and mapping activities. 

   *Eighth graders can also take American History II with the high school and receive a high school credit

*Math U See-We offer instruction and tutoring for Primer-Algebra for our students, and, based on enrollment, will offer

  tutoring and/or instruction for Algebra II and Geometry as well. *Saxon math is also an option, but for our more independent  

  learners only, as instruction will only come from Math U See.

*Language Arts- Our language arts program is drawn from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive learning platform.  

  Sources may include All about Reading, Saxon Grammar, Saxon Writing, Reader Writers Workshop, Explode the Code, SAT and ACT prep, varied reading lists and writing prompts, and reading comprehension exercises, including Raz Kids. 

For our high school students, we will use:

*Science for High School Biology- This is a research and lab based program with intensive research done both in class and at  

  home, combined with weekly labs, vocab words, quizzes, and tests.

*American History II- This history course will cover post Civil War to current using The History of US series, as well as additional


*Math U See- Students will chose from level appropriate choices including Pre Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.

*Language Arts- Students will cover all high school level standards with a variety of sources. Topics include grammar, SAT prep,

  vocabulary, literary analysis, writing instruction, research papers, persuasive essays, etc.

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