Are you ready to join Way of Wisdom? Please follow these steps:

1. Research your options! Will you be a funded Oxford Virtual Academy student or a self pay student? 

          Questions on how OVA works? Click here

          Questions on how WOWHG works? Contact the director, Melissa Redmond :)

2. Explore the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes (available early April).

3. Choose your classes.  Remember that full time OVA students receive 2 funded electives, while part time students receive 4 funded electives. Additional classes may be added on a self pay basis (see above). Self pay students are not limited in number of classes, but, please note OFFSITE CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO (2) PER STUDENT, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

4. Current and Returning WoW families: Complete registration (opens mid April 2020) and complete WoW paperwork.

5. New students to OVA: 

 *Prior to mid April*

 *After WoW registration opens in mid April*

  •      Complete WoW Registration form

  •      Complete all OVA enrollment procedures found here: OVA Enrollment Procedures, Paperwork and        Links

  •      Complete all WoW Registration forms and return as specified

  •      Attend orientation- Date to be determined

  •      Pay any supply or registration fees as invoiced

6. You are done! Emails will be sent with schedules, questions, and orientation dates. We look forward to meeting you! 

Required Registration Forms 
*updated forms will be posted mid April*
Please print, sign, and return via email, mail, or in person to Melissa Redmond, Director.
Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group
PO Box 364
Flushing, MI 48433
Registration and Payment Policies
Policies and Procedures
Liability waiver- student
Liability waiver- parent
Medical information and release
Media release
Epi-Pen Policy

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