Our littlest learners have many options:

1. Full Time Flex Kindergarten: Similar to our other grades, kindergarten students may have 4 core classes on Tuesdays, a math hour Thursday, and 2 electives, which can be taken on any day. Students will be given the NWEA assessments during the year onsite at our facility.  


2. Full time 6 electives: Students may chose any six elective courses from our schedule. Students will also be given the NWEA assessment onsite at our faculty throughout the year. 

3. Part time 4 electives: Students may chose 4 elective courses, and will not have the NWEA assessment throughout the year. 

4. Self Pay: Students may have as many self pay classes as they wish, at the rate of $200 for onsite electives, $350 for core classes, and $250 for offsite electives, per class, per semester, plus any applicable class fees mentioned in the descriptions. 

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