full time overview

At Home Instruction


Preparation is easy with a provided 36 week lesson plan and the 4 day a week format allows for flexibility for field trips or catch up days! On the days students do not attend class, families work together to study, explore and learn. Students will complete assignments, watch lessons, and work on projects, as well as participate in parent facilitated lessons. All materials and books for core classes are provided at no cost to families.

Online Instruction


Students will also utilize 36 weeks of technological components and online learning with each class. Supplemental information, tests, learning games, and required assignment submissions will be accessed through an online platform, giving students experience with the growing practice of online learning in higher education.

Onsite Instruction

As a full time student enrolled in the WOW Hybrid program, at least 6 classes must be taken with WOW.

Tuesdays (8:45 am to 2:55 pm): Students will attend tutoring/instructional sessions for core classes for 15 weeks (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies). Each class period of 1 hour and 20 minutes will include engaging, hands on projects, instruction, and tutoring to allow students mastery and success in each subject.  A small number of electives and a computer lab is also available on Tuesday.

Thursdays (8:45am to 3:25 pm): Full time students will attend their selected elective classes for 14 weeks.  Math Labs for each level are available on Thursdays, as well as an optional computer lab.  Full time hybrid students abide by full time student guidelines for elective selections: (1) onsite elective must be taken if an offsite elective is selected. This means if a student chooses (2) offsite electives, they must select a self pay onsite elective as well. Additional electives are billed at the discounted self pay rate of $100 per class. Offsite classes are limited to (2) per student, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

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